Sunday, 6 November 2011

:: Prince Charming ::

Assalammualaikum ..
Dear blogger ,..

Yesterday I got a cold, 
so, I just used up my time with 
reading an interesting novel, 
titled, Prince Charming by Ratu Bulan ..
I borrowed it from my friends, Pute' ..


At the beginning,
I felt that this novel make me bored ..
Unlike the other novels that I have read ..

But, my opinion is false actually ..
The plot got many challenging situation ..
And also there's some parts that will make readers become confuse ..

The story is not about couple, or something that related to it ..
But, it's about students that never know what does love mean ..

A girl that always arguing with a boy ..
And they hating each other ..
But actually there's a love attending between them without their realisation ..

It's about love that we don't need to find it ..
Then, one day the love will find us soon ..

I think this is the best novel that I've read ..
Seems, it has a good ending of the story ..
The sweetness of the boy entertaining the girl ..
Make me eagerly want to meet my own prince charming ..
( although it's just a fairytale , haha .. )

Until then, I hope that I can meet my own prince charming one day ..
Either he is out there, or someone else ..
I don't know ..

Okayy ..
Only that for my terrible language ..

Wasalam ..

# yess .. bad and " skema " English ,  
 that's my weakness, and .. thanks for reading mine !! :D


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